SBR Pickleball Tournament activity


Ron Green

Pickleball is a great sport for all ages, which provides health benefits, a social environment, as well as a competitive environment, your choice.

This year’s pickleBall season (September 2017 through April 2018) brought out many of our members joining the USAPA or the SSIPA associations and register and play in their sponsored national tournaments. We would like to recognize the increased enthusiasm of our members that took the next step to play competitively. This past tournament season had an increase in the number of our members participating.

The following members competed in these external tournaments this season:

Angela Jerman, Anna Ung, Bill Reynolds, Bob Koerner, Bruce Deverman, Charles Hendryx, Chris Jerman, Cindy Sundquist, Corine Sturdivant, Craig Mchugh, Debbie McCauley, Don Hendricks, Doreen Reynolds, Doug Rinke, Ed Valdez, Eric Warner, Gary Grasso, Gary Wilson, James Grady, Janis Duwe, Jim Dougherty, Joyce Harant, Ken Cook, Keith Sturdivant, Larry Strugala, Lupe Cook, Lutz Pape, Madoka Knight, Mark Becker, Mary Stolze, Mike Healy, Mick Borm, Mike Duwe, Norb Weisbeck, Rick Wright, Ron Green, Rudy Dominguez, Sally Grasso, Sonie Lee, Susan Ness, Teri Baer, Tim McCauley and Tom Reuter.

Our members competed in 24 different pickleball tournaments during this season. Below are the results of their efforts.

Collectively our members were awarded a total of 89 medals: 33 Gold Medals, 27 Silver Medals and 29 Bronze Medals.

Congratulations to all our members who competed in tournaments, their performance and their rewards.