Unit 8A enjoys a spooky pre-Halloween ghost tour

The group makes a brief stop at the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum at a statue of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. The Tucson Depot is where Frank Stillwell, suspected murderer of Morgan Earp, was killed by Wyatt Earp, in the company of Doc Holliday; Picture by Steve Weiss.

Janelle Authur

Nineteen adventuresome residents from Unit 8A got an early start on Halloween by hunting ghosts in downtown Tucson. The crisp October evening started with a buffet dinner at La Cocina, an outdoor courtyard café located inside the walls of Oldtown Artisans.

After dinner, the group met the evening’s tour guide, an actual, “real life” paranormal investigator. Much to the group’s surprise, she started by telling us that La Cocina, where we had just dined, is one of the most active sites of paranormal activity in Tucson!

The group then gamely trekked two miles to a dozen downtown locations in search of spooky spirit activity. The tour guide entertained the group with stories of hauntings, past and current, from one end of downtown to the other and, it seemed, that there was at least one resident spirit in almost every building. While the tour company doesn’t promise ghostly activity on every tour, several in the group swear there were shadows of ghosts and shiny white orbs in their pictures.

The Tucson Ghost Tour is owned and operated by Becky and Will Gydesen, founders and lead investigators of the Tucson Ghost Society. They are also radio hosts for Mysteries Explained. Becky writes a monthly article for Tucson Happenings called “Arizona Paranormal” and is the author of an upcoming book, Haunted Tucson, due in October 2019. For further information on this and other tours, the website is www.tucsonghosttour.com.