Did you know?

Bob White

Ever wonder about the who, what, where, when and maybe even the whatever of the SaddleBrooke Squares? Well, maybe I can enlighten you on some of these points.

First of all it is a SaddleBrooke Club dedicated to the teaching of square dancing as well as promoting square dancing with its weekly dances. Its members come from the SaddleBrooke Ranch, SaddleBrooke HOA One and HOA 2. In addition to these dancers there are guest dancers from around the surrounding area and towns who join us on Thursday evenings for the special times we have while square dancing. Particularly during the Arizona cool months we have guests who call “back home” up north someplace dropping by to join us. These folks can go online and check out our web site www.saddlebrookesquares.com and learn of our dance times and locations.

Those folks who are not fortunate enough to live here year round can fit right in because square dancing is sort of a universal language. The same calls and steps are called in New York City and Chicago as well as in Europe, Asia and Australia and in English. Square dancing brings us all together in a common mode. When someone joins us from a different country it is almost like we are visiting their country without our having to leave home.

But dancing is not the total activity of the club. When eight people all get into a square and dance, constantly changing partners as the calls move one around the square, one gets a camaraderie with the other seven folks in the square. This seems to just move naturally to having parties such as picnics in the park, with dancing of course, Halloween parties with masks and fun costumes, Christmas parties. Wow, just had one last week in which over 100 people showed up, birthday parties and progressive dinners. This list would not be complete if I didn’t mention square dance trips to nearby cities like Mesa, Show Low, Indio, CA, Green Valley, AZ, Yuma and cities around the country as we spread out on summer vacations.

By now you should be getting the picture. We are a very active, fun-loving group that would sure like to have you join us. Experienced square dancers can come by the MountainView Ballroom on almost any Thursday evening at 7:00, or if you would like to learn square dancing watch for the announcements of square dance lessons that will start up again. The lessons go for 23 weeks, but at the end of that time the students know the steps and are comfortable getting out of their home square and going to festivals and dance venues around the town of Tucson.

Need a little more information? Give me a call at 520-818-9482 or JP Blount at 360-281-6332 or check out our website mentioned above.