Illinois Club holds Spring Fling


Carolee Bailey and Dianne Johns

The recently formed Illinois Club had their spring fling on April 25. Rich and Zenia Fera hosted this event at their home for 50 Illinoisans.’

This event featured authentic Chicago food comprised of Chicago dogs steamed by Rick and Jodee Weiland. The neon green relish topping, direct from Chicago, was supplied by Tom and Carol Sorensen (this stuff only looks radioactive!). The Italian beef sandwiches were provided and prepared by Rich and Zenia, with garnishments of peppers, onions, tomatoes, and relishes. And of course, in the true midwestern tradition, there were large tables of appetizers, salads and desserts.

Many members wore their favorite Illinois shirt advertising their teams—Bears and the Sox vs the Cubs. Of course, this keeps alive the eternal rivalry between the Cubs and White Sox!

Everyone also brought their favorite Illinois souvenir for a white elephant gift exchange. Sandy Jessop explained the rules and MC’d the gift exchange. Some of the gifts included a jar of the neon relish, snow shovel, John Deere tractor, Cubs and Sox hats and socks and a route 66 spitoon—which all added to the Illinois theme. After each person opened a gift, they were allowed only one trade with another opened gift. The Cubs hat made a few rounds of trading.

The Illinois Club plans to have more events in the fall. And, who knows, maybe there will be a replay of the 2016 World Series by one of the Chicago teams again!