Putting through changeable weather

From left to right: Vicki Godbey, Denise Sandoval, Jean Sticha, Evie Thompson, Nancy Galant, Terri Pendy and Sue Marx; Photo by Debby Felzien

Camille Esterman

September proved to be a month of unpredictable weather. The Ranchette Putters endured bright sun and heat, chilly winds and clouds and even rain when they assembled for the club’s weekly sessions on the 18-hole green. Monthly prizes are given out to ladies with the first, second and third lowest average scores and putters who aced their shots six times or more.

SBR Ranchette Putters is pleased to announce our September winners. Sue Marx had the third lowest average with 36.33. Janice Neal landed in second place with an average of 36.0. The first place honors were shared by Vicki Godbey and Evie Thompson; each had an outstanding average of 35.667 for the month.

Cheers and high fives always accompany every hole-in-one on the green. In September the following winners were congratulated more than six times: Terri Pendy (11), Sue Marx (10), Evie Thompson (9), Vicki Godbey (7), Janice Neal (7), Denise Sandoval (7), Jean Sticha (7), Char Eckmeyer (7), Nancy Galant (7) and Evelyn Silver (7).

Ranchette Putters is proud of the dedication and talent shown by this month’s winners. The club invites all female residents of SBR to join us for a fun weekly event. Check out our bulletin board by the pro shop for more information or contact Marian Bianchini at  bianchinimarian@gmail.com.