SBRTA’s Dos de Mayo skills, drills and thrills event


Georgine Hurst

The evening fun began on the courts with participants divided into four teams. The teams and individuals received points for successful play. On Court 4 each team member had six shots to get the ball through one of two hoops secured to the net and/or to knock down the inflated dastardly dude across the net. On Court 3 players had to hit in five tries, open tubs just across the net, cones mid-way, or boxes near the baseline, whichever one they were assigned. Hits on non-assigned targets didn’t count.

Then, on Court 1 teams faced off in tennis match mode, except that there were four players on each side of the net, serves had to be underhand and it was the best of four games. The winners of the first rounds had a playoff match. Team Gold Charlotte Eckmeyer, Steve Ordahl, Susan Swanson and Wayne Watkins were the champs of these matches and were the grand winners of the entire event. The high scorers of each team were Mike Fielding, Sue Hanson, Alan Ness and Wayne Watkins.

The event’s creative activity planners were Dean Alfrey, Elmer Klavetter and Susan Pharr. The overall event planners were Sue Cook and Carol Mihal, the club’s social chairs.

Tennis for Fun, Tennis for Fitness, Tennis for Friendship!