Spotlight on Advertiser: Avoiding the family feud – What happens to Mom’s jewelry when Mom is gone?

Did you ever hear anyone say, “That bi**h of a sister-in-law has my mom’s diamond ring; it should be mine!”

If mom were to assign who gets what, could it avoid a family feud?

Do family members want to keep it or sell it at a fair market value and split the proceeds?

So, what’s the real value of Mom’s jewelry?

It is important for each of us to have a “specialist” assess the real value of your family heirlooms. Real value is the value of what things are worth if you went to sell them. In order to create a standard of “Equitable Distribution” for the family, you should have a listing of the items in order to ascertain the value(s) and avoid any family feud that might arise. We appraise or buy those items when it comes to the division of family jewelry or the sale of your unwanted items.

At Brett Harrison Estate Jewelers, I proficiently identify specific jewelry items through weighing, measuring and careful examination and value them accordingly to today’s market (at a very nominal fee).

Having seen many families torn apart because of the lack of simple documentation over the family’s fine jewelry has been a real heartbreaker.

At such a difficult time in one’s life, you need a person of integrity and compassion.

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