Spotlight On Advertiser: Thanking the community

A lot of things in the Sun Lakes and SunBird area have changed in the last 35 years. One thing that hasn’t is that the summers are very hot, and seemingly getting hotter. Back then, Kenneth Ratliff started a one-man HVAC business called K & R Refrigeration. Well, because Kenneth was so good at what he does, K & R Refrigeration has also changed quite a bit in those years. They now are a seven-person team serving the Sun Lakes and SunBird Communities with air conditioning and heating needs. Unlike many of today’s high-pressure, sales-tactic-oriented HVAC companies, K & R team members are on salary, not paid by commission. Their skills are as experienced HVAC technicians, not as professional salesmen. The team has experience that ranges from 15 to 30 years in this industry. The team members include Jon, who has been with the company for 13 years, Curtis – 9 years, as well as Cole, who has grown up in the business and hopes to one day run the operations. Just this year Steve, who has been in the HVAC business for 11 years was welcomed on board. Andrew, who partners with all the crew on installations, repairs and services, also joined the team.

Word-of-mouth has really helped the business grow to what it is today. They know they would not be in business today if not for the support of their customers in Sun Lakes and SunBird. K & R knows that the temperature and comfort inside of your home are of the utmost importance to you. Making sure your unit runs properly and at peak efficiency is their top priority. Whether you are getting a seasonal tune-up or a brand-new unit installed, customer service is what K & R Refrigeration is all about. Ask your neighbors – they will tell you. K & R Refrigeration wishes to thank all their loyal customers for supporting their business over the past 35 years. And since it’s probably going to still be hot here in Arizona for a long time, you can be sure K & R Refrigeration will be there to keep you cool. That is one thing that won’t change.

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