The SBR Piecemakers – new quilting group


Kathleen Morgan Squires

The SBR Piecemakers is a relatively new group at SaddleBrooke Ranch.

We celebrate all levels of experience…from the very accomplished, with years of sewing under their belts, to those who are just now feeling the pull to start this quilting journey. It was evident from the very beginning that we all had something in common…the love of fabric (and we even felt safe enough to share stories of our ever-growing stashes). We were all eager to connect, share and create together.

Just one week after our new group formed, Hurricane Harvey pounded Houston, Texas, and we decided to make quilts for those hit hard by the storm. This relief effort gave our fledgling group a purpose and a passion right from the get-go. We held learning and work sessions and started the sewing machines humming. Many of the quilts made used the Log Cabin pattern in a wide variety of colors and prints, but all using the color red as the center piece, representing the “heart of the home.” For several in the group, this was their very first quilt. The energy grew as we were put in contact with a terrific woman at a community service center in Houston. Our quilts found a home. Threads were cut, quilts were folded, packed and shipped to Texas. Our quilts were distributed on the Sunday before Christmas and photos returned to us showed homes still under repair but smiling faces and some tears as families received our quilts.

Now the Piecemakers continue to meet. We are learning new techniques and new tools, showing our “Ta Da’s,” and trying new projects. We have formed Social, Education and Community Outreach committees. For now, we are gathering on the first and third Tuesday and Friday at La Hacienda, but are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Arts and Technology Center where we will have workspace and a cutting table, design wall, sewing machines and a long-arm quilting machine.

If you are a quilter or simply want to learn more, we hope you will check out SBR Piecemakers, an energetic, fun, caring and creative group of women and, yes, a man. We can promise a great experience.