Women’s Club – what’s in store on June 11


Donna P. Nelson

Come join us for our June 11 luncheon and meet Gina Hansen, PACC (Pima Animal Care Center) Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator. The numbers are staggering: 16,430 pets received by PACC in 2017. Over 9,150 pets were adopted and the remainder were returned to their homes, fostered, sent to other rescue facilities or are still looking for homes. PACC strives to be a no kill shelter but did euthanize approximately 2,000 of the population. This is a very low statistic compared to six years ago when 15,000 pets were euthanized in the county every year! The increase in programs and facilities continues to strengthen the effort to consistently reduce this number.

Good news! PACC has just completed in the last six months a huge face lift! In December they opened up their new facility which included new kennel “pods,” clinic with new surgery unit; cat haven and administration facilities. Phase 2 is soon to be finished with a total restoration of the old PACC facility adding back more kennel pods and restoration of the laundry room and other facilities. In addition to housing pets, PACC also provides other services such as pet licensing and Pet Support Center!

There are many volunteer opportunities to help in the clinic; administration; dog walking, grooming and training. Also, cat care or just greeting to help visitors through the facilities!

SaddleBrooke Ranch Women’s Club is looking to give some help to the “guests” at PACC and will be collecting items needed and any financial help is always appreciated! Items include: towels, blankets (no stuffing), Yoga mats, pill pockets, kitten and puppy milk formula, plastic cat toys that can be cleaned/sanitized (no feathers or strings), Kuranda beds.

For financial help: Make check out to “Friends of Pima Animal Care Center OR Pima Animal Care Center”

For any information about PACC or volunteering you can contact Marian Bianchini at bianchinimarian@gmail.com or go to the website below. http://webcms.pima.gov/government/pima_animal_care_center/

June is also our membership drive; help us by renewing your dues early ($20 full time and $15 seasonal); please bring a separate check as it helps with our bookkeeping.

Note: we are still preordering the cookbook; please preorder a $10 cookbook at the meeting.