2 Your Health: What to Expect When You Get a Massage

Heidi Overman, Licensed Massage Therapist

Booking your massage is just the beginning. Setting yourself up for a successful massage is a process and you have more control over it than you think.

This is a great way to set yourself up for a successful massage:

1. Arrive early for your massage: Sit and relax before your massage. This helps you calm down from your day. Have a drink of water!

2. When your massage therapist brings you back to the room, set up your expectations.

* If you’d like to just relax and not talk—tell your massage therapist.

* If you want more therapeutic work and are really having issues—tell your massage therapist.

* Set your expectation with your therapist. For example, “I would like a full body massage and please spend some extra time on my right shoulder.”

* Your massage therapist won’t know what you want if you don’t tell him or her.

3. When the massage therapist leaves the room, get on the table and relax. It may take the massage therapist a few minutes to come back into the room. This is your time to lay on the table, get comfortable, and just be still.

4. During the massage, if your massage therapist isn’t doing something you like, mention it! If you’d like lighter or deeper work, let him or her know. If you’d like to talk less, say something like, “I just want to zone out and relax today.” If you have questions about what you’re feeling, ask!

5. You can also give positive feedback, such as, “That is so perfect on that area!” This is helpful to your massage therapist.

6. After the massage, take a moment to relax and get up from the table.

7. Ask your massage therapist how often he or she recommends you come in for a massage.

8. If your massage didn’t meet your expectations, but you like the therapist, give the therapist that feedback at your next appointment: “I really enjoyed my massage last time, but this time I’d like less pressure (or more pressure).”

9. Please tip your massage therapist for their work. Generally, 10% to 20% is appropriate.

Look at your massages as a journey. You and your therapist are a team. With each massage, the therapist is learning how your muscles react to their work, what depth of pressure works and doesn’t work, which modalities are effective for you, and the length of time between massages that is the most advantageous. It may not be perfect the first massage, but if there’s communication, you can hone in on a massage that is productive and fulfills your expectations.

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