2 Your Health: Why Is Massage Considered Self-Care?

Heidi Overman, Licensed Massage Therapist, #MT-24997

My theme for 2020 is: Self-care is not self … ish.

We need to take care of ourselves. Now, more than ever. When talking with clients, it seems that stress and anxiety has elevated more than ever, and our bodies and minds are taking the brunt of it.

Our bodies are holding on to that stress. Protecting those muscles that have been locked in repetitive patterns for years, moving just enough to not cause an injury, and letting out a pang to let you know to stop. That continual ache is trying to tell you that it needs help.

Our minds are overstressed and overstimulated with news, work, issues, and problems. Every day we wake up to someone telling us how bad things are. These outside stimuli are absorbed by our thoughts, and we hold on, even when we think we let it go.

So, what can help? Take care of your body and mind.

My first answer is: Stop watching the news. Or, if you must, watch it once a week. There is nothing on the news that will change what you will be doing today. There is nothing on the news you can control or change. So, take that negativity and remove it. I used to be a big newsie. I watched in the morning and evening. I would get so hyped up on what was happening, it dominated my conversations and my opinions. So, I stopped. The first thing I noticed was how calm I was. My conversations started shifting to asking my friends, “How are you today?” instead of “Did you see what happened today?” It has made a world of difference in my own life.

My second answer is: Consider getting a regular massage. It is a time to recharge your muscles and your mind. It is a time to answer those nagging aches and address why you are having pangs of pain. It is a time to get your blood and oxygen flowing throughout your body, to improve flexibility, stimulate memory, and give yourself a feeling of homeostasis or balance. Massage reduces stress and anxiety, helping with sleep and fatigue.

Regular massage is self-care. Regular massage is preventive. It helps you to be body aware, so you can take care of those aches and pains before they become a real issue or injury. It helps to reduce fatigue and stress, so your mind can work properly and smiling isn’t a chore.

There are so many benefits to massage and self-care. Make sure you are recognizing what you need and take care!

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