A Bucket List Challenge: It’s Never too Late to Achieve Your Dreams

Everyday heroes, that’s what SaddleBrooke author Lyz Kelley writes about. Whether the character is a blind floral shop owner, a retired soldier, or a wheelchair-bound sports trainer, Lyz focuses on telling stories with hope, humor, healing, happiness, and heart.

Lyz began her writing journey fifteen years ago as a bucket list item. Her dream was to create stories about ordinary people who reach for the life they wanted, and in the process, find someone who loves them just as they are. To develop a storyline, Lyz studied relationship psychology, story structure, and worked with a top-tier New York editor to make her novels shine.

She would tell you, her original goal was to write one book, and hopefully sell ten copies to her family and friends. With thirteen books published and over fifty thousand copies distributed in nineteen different countries, Lyz has more than accomplished her goal. She is humbled by her reader’s response, but is not finished yet.

The smart, funny, and vibrant Arizona residents have inspired Lyz to refocus on imagining second chance relationship stories. Why? Because kids, jobs, and fears create a lot of interesting baggage, and she wanted to explore those unique aspects of life in her writing.

Lyz also believes everyone has a story to tell, and that the world needs to hear it. That’s why Lyz belongs to several international groups focused on helping writers finish the story of their heart.

If you enjoy reading fiction books about everyday heroes and want an escape, Lyz would love for you to support her continued journey by downloading a copy of one of her many available books, or pre-ordering from her upcoming series, Silver Spoon (released Aug. 31) and Silver Dollar (release date Sept. 28).

This new series is about four siblings coming home to reopen the Silver Fox Resort, a place where people and nature come together. There’s a vineyard, spa, meditation garden, and a four-star restaurant catering to incoming guests. Her inspiration for this series was the television show “The Love Boat,” but living in SaddleBrooke adds layers of fun.

You can find all of Lyz’s books and box sets on Amazon. Blinded, Lyz’s first novel, also is available as an audio book.

Who knows, you might even see a little of yourself in the pages of her next book.