A Halloween Party Tale

A fun sight, from left to right: Michael, Russ, and Sherry Barto, Jeff and Elaine Goedde, Jan O’Connor, Michael, and Lisa Moffatt, and Kim Holmes (photo by Joan Keane)

Leslie Brooks

This is a story that was almost dead on arrival … well at least some parts of it were, had the evil Count Dracula (pictured above) resumed his bloody way. But, thankfully, just in the nick of time, two sprightly, and dare I say cute, skeletal forms clattered down the Grill House hall and corralled the toothsome count, along with a few of his All-Hallows’ fellow revelers for a group photo op. Meanwhile, back in the ballroom, the costume party hosted by the Saddlebrooke Ranch Dance Club was in full swing, with dervishes a-whirling, princesses a-twirling, pirates a-girling, and every toe a-tapping and a-curling to the dance tunes and beat of songs presented by the multitalented Chuck Moses. It was truly a magical night of fun and merriment, made complete by just a few decorative swags of garlic scattered about …  just in case.