A Lovely Garden Party

We all gathered around Sheilah’s palo verde tree before diving into brunch (photo by Lucy Lange)

Lucy Lange

Do you really need an excuse to have a party? Not really, but Sheilah Britton, Unit 10, came up with a great one. “Let’s celebrate the blooming of my Palo Verde tree,” she said. So in mid-May she invited 40 of her closest friends over for a garden party. Over strawberry cake, fresh fruit, macaroons, cherries, deviled eggs, and more, plus champagne, mimosas, and fruit juices, we celebrated her tree. And this was all before noon. Sheilah, a Master Gardener, has a quiet oasis of a backyard, complete with a labyrinth, flowering shrubs, cacti, and beautiful sun catching glass artwork that she has made. In the middle of her yard stands her palo verde tree that was in full bloom. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning celebrating nature with a glass of champagne in hand. Thank you, Sheilah.