A New Year’s memory

The SaddleBrooke Squares

The SaddleBrooke Squares

Kay White

All join hands and you circle the ring

Stop where you are and give your honey a swing

Swing that girl behind you

Now your own, your very, very own

Aallemande left with the sweet corner maid

Do-sa-do your own

Now you all run, run away with the sweet corner maid

Singing Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh

This jingle is a square dance call I learned in 5th grade, a long time ago.

In 2014 after “hanging up” our motorcycle riding, my husband suggested we go to “Give Us A Whirl” (GUAW), an introduction to square dancing, and investigate square dancing. We have always had a hobby we could share, and we were now looking for a replacement for our wonderful years spent seeing the country from the seats of our bikes.

I was hesitant, but I said “OK” after a few “Nos.” So one Sunday night in October we stood in a square on the Ballroom floor of MountainView Clubhouse, and life took on a new form of excitement. I smiled and giggled like I did back in 5th grade. Experienced dancers turned and twirled me into a wonderful world.

I finished my lesson and am now one of those dancers helping others find this experience of fun and new friends. My husband and I try to dance at least twice a week if not more. We still can travel the world as we can dance in most of the 50 states, on cruise ships and in foreign countries.

This is my invitation to SaddleBrookers and SaddleBrooke Ranch folks to come and join the fun. Check out the SaddleBrooke Squares website at www.saddlebrookesquares.com or check us out 7:00 p.m. on Thursday evenings in the MV Ballroom. You can get even more information from the club vice presidents, Bob and Kay White, at [email protected] or call 818-9482.