A shower for one of our own

Kadi Monfred, bride-to-be

Kadi Monfred, bride-to-be

Camille Esterman

The Sol Ballroom provided a lovely setting for Kadi Monfred’s bridal shower. Surrounded by pink and grey balloons, Kadi was showered with gifts and best wishes from many of the ladies at SaddleBrooke Ranch.

Kadi has been working at SBR for many years as a server and bartender in the Bistro Veinte and as a bartender at the Ranch House Grill and Brewery. However, she is best known for her beautiful winning smile.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious cheese, meat and vegetable spread, followed by slices of Kadi’s favorite chocolate cake. The entire staff at the Ranch House helped make this a wonderful afternoon.

Congratulations, Kadi! We all wish you years of love, health and happiness. Photos by Dee Fitzgerald and Denise Sandoval.