A Welcoming of New Residents To The Ranch

Linda Harvey and
Linda Shannon-Hills

For the past five years, Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills have welcomed new residents and delivered the Settler’s Guide with information about the Ranch and the surrounding area. For the first three years, they went to the homes of new residents to welcome them and answer questions about moving to the Ranch but as the number of closings increased each month, the Linda duo could not get around to all new residents. The personal visits migrated to holding gatherings once a month called the Newcomers’ Gathering. Once new homeowners have closed on their homes, an invitation is sent out to all couples and singles on the list. A notice also comes out in the Weekly Reminder to invite new residents unable to attend the gathering when they first closed.

The Newcomers’ Gathering is a chance for our newbies to introduce themselves to others in attendance, tell where they are from and where they live now at the Ranch. This gives new residents a chance to meet other new residents, to hear about activities and events at the Ranch. When time permits, Tim Fudge, SBR HOA Manager, comes in to welcome our new residents. Resident veterans have volunteered to come occasionally to tell new residents about their experiences since moving to SaddleBrooke Ranch and the activities they have found enjoyable. The Linda duo has received positive comments on the benefits new residents receive by attending this gathering.

If you are new to SaddleBrooke Ranch and have not attended a Newcomers’ Gathering, please join us on Thursday, February 28 staring at 4:00 p.m. located in the Ranch House in the Inspiracion Board Room, down the hall from the grill and before the ballrooms.