Another Chili Taste Off success!

Over 143 people walked into the SBR Events Tent on October 18 and were greeted by the many rich aromas of different slow cookers of chili for the third SaddleBrooke Ranch Chili Taste Off. It has become a tradition for residents to make their most savory chili to be judged in a blind tasting by their neighbors for the bragging rights to be the best chili in SaddleBrooke Ranch. There were 15 contestants entered this year, including one from our local Golder Ranch Fire Station.

Chip Parfet and Linda Harvey handed out score sheets to each person as they entered with a section of five highlighted numbers for the chilies they were to taste and carefully rate. After the scores were tabulated, it was a close contest with so many outstanding chilies.

The following are winners of the Chili Taste Off for 2014.

First Place: Jim Reichard was awarded a Southwest cookbook from the Western National Parks store, large mixing spoon and potholder from Tohuno Chul.

Second Place: Josh Herman from the Bistro was awarded a metal horny toad and Southwest note cards from Western National Parks store.

Third Place: Rick Snowden was awarded a Pecan Bread muffin mix, prickly pear jelly, chili pepper beverage napkins and small mixing spoon from Tohuno Chul.

Once the judging was complete, attendees were given the opportunity to eat more of the various chilies and enjoy socializing with neighbors both inside and outside the tent. Having the venue overlooking the pond with the Santa Catalina Mountains and the beautiful sunset made for a wonderful evening of fun and laughter.

Thanks to The Shack for being open for beverages, the HOA staff for setting up the tent with tables, table clothes, extension cords as well as providing corn bread muffins to go along with the chili. Thanks to Bev and Rick Hanson, Chip Parfet and Danielle Herbert for the organization and production of this event; Linda Harvey, Chip Parfet and Janice Neal for tabulating the results. A special thanks goes to all the participants that submitted chilies for the Taste Off: Firefighter Anthony, Mick and Ann Burkart, Sally Carstens, Bistro Josh Herman, Steve Jendrzejewski, Sandy Jessop, Tyler Lapotosky (Colleen Carey and Paul Lapotosky’s son), Larry Leger, Donna Oliverio, Karen Rasmussen, Jim Reichard, Bob Sarlund, Rick Snowden, Helga Stone and Priscilla Wolf.

Photographs by Janice Neal and Linda Shannon-Hills.