Another Record-Breaking Month for the Ranchette Putters

July winners, left to right, back row: Mary Frenandes, Linda Noble, Gillian Cook, Janice Hynes, Doris Carlin, Joan Keane, Elaine Goedde; front row: Trish Minard, Evelyn Silver, Jacque Hendricks, Mary Leben. Not all winners were present for the photo. (Photo by Pam Engelhardt)

Pam Engelhardt

Despite the July heat wave, the Ranchette Putters put in another record-breaking performance. We had 18 Putters out of 200 who showed up every Wednesday morning at 7:45 a.m. and made 149 putts for the month of July.

Way to go, ladies!

July Awards:

Lowest Gross Average: Doris Carlin, 33.667

Second Lowest Gross Average: Linda Noble, 35.000

Third Lowest Gross Average: Janice Hynes, 36.333

Lowest Net Average: Gail Jacobson, 34.600

Second Lowest Net Average: Mary Leben, 35.300

Third Lowest Net Average: Tia Wilson, 35.333

Six or More Holes-in-One for the Month:

Judy Askelson, Camille Esterman, Mary Frenandes, Sandy Getter, Elaine Goedde, Linda Noble, and Jean Sticha each had six holes-in-one.

Gillian Cook, Joan Keane, and Trish Minard had seven holes-in-one.

Pat Albu and Evelyn Silver had 10 holes-in-one.

Doris Carlin had 11 holes-in-one.

Gail Jacobson and Mary Leben had 12 holes-in-one.

Jacque Hendricks had 15 holes-in-one.