Are you a “Jewel?”

Dee Saunders

If this is your first time hearing about our web magazine, let me explain, Jewel is an acronym for Journal for Experienced Women Enjoying Life. It is a digital magazine for senior women that is available on your laptop, iPad, or iPhone. Since we don’t like being called seniors or baby boomers, we have given ourselves the name of Jewel Generation. It’s not about wanting to be younger or to look younger, it’s about having an identity other than old lady. After all, we are the priceless, timeless, women of our generation, the jewels on the family tree.

The Jewel publication mission is two-fold. Besides providing an informational magazine on a variety of topics that interest our Jewel Generation such as fashion, health, travel, and finance, we also hope to make advertising agencies and retailers aware that we are a powerful financial demographic. A recent AARP article stated that baby boomers are the third largest economy in the world, second only to the U.S. and China.

Currently our two biggest challenges are to find avenues to spread the word about our new publication and to find contributors for articles in the specific categories. If you have an interest in contributing articles or helping in any way, please contact us at [email protected].

We are very grateful that Dee Saunders has been invited as a guest speaker at the SaddleBrooke Ranch’s Women’s luncheon on April 11. She will be speaking about the Jewel publication, its origin, its mission, and its current challenges. Joining her will be Nadine from Nadine’s Desert Fashions. Three of our own SaddleBrooke women, Sidonia, Joanna, and Stephanie will be modeling some of Nadine’s fabulous spring fashions.

One of the biggest myths is that women over 60 are frumpy and are no longer interested in fashion or looking stylish. Let me assure you that there is nothing to prevent any of us from looking stylish—no matter our age, body size, or shape. Nadine, with the help of our three lovely models, will certainly prove that myth wrong.

If you are interested in attending the ladies luncheon, hearing all about Jewel and seeing some fabulous spring fashions from Nadine’s Desert Boutique, go to’sClub/ for information, date, and times.

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