Are you part of the Jewel Generation?

We have all browsed the numerous publications at the newsstands or the catalogs mailed to us monthly and envision ourselves wearing the fashions worn by the 20-something size zero model. Coming back to reality we realize the only things we can possibly identify with and conceivably use are her purse and maybe her shoes. Although our husbands may enjoy looking at these young, exceedingly thin gorgeous models, it does nothing for us “experienced” women other than make us feel old.

Four of us women from SaddleBrooke decided we needed to do something to change that. So over a glass of wine after a golf outing and following a heated discussion about clothes recently purchased through a catalog that didn’t work out, we created “Jewel.” Jewel is the acronym for Journal for Experienced Women Enjoying Life and the name we gave our new website publication. Since we are not fond of being called baby boomers, we gave ourselves the name of the Jewel Generation. After all, we are the priceless, timeless women of our generation. We are the Jewels on the family tree.

Our vision for this website is that it will provide articles with informational content geared to topics that interest our Jewel generation. Besides focusing on fashions appropriate for our body style and age, we hope to cover health and relationship issues as well as travel and financial topics. The print will be large and the pages uncluttered. Most importantly all the models will be from our baby boomer generation. By catering to the baby boomers’ body shapes and age, we hope to bring you not only the latest fashions appropriate for our generation that make us feel special and look good but also we hope to ultimately include a catalog portion to make these clothes easy to purchase.

We would love for you to be part of the Jewel Generation team that shows the world we matter. So if you also see a need for a website publication such as Jewel and have expertise in any of the following topics and would be interested in contributing articles, ads, or help in any form, please contact us at the below email.


Fashion and make up

Health Issues

Travel destinations

Food and recipes

Financial issues


Advertising experience

Web page experience

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