Auditions Postponed Until September, but the Show Will Go On!

Shawne Cryderman

They say that in live theatre, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. Well, no one expected the closure of SaddleBrooke’s TWO facilities, the six-foot social distance rule, and the stay at home government mandate. As a result, the auditions for An Evening of ONE Acts were not held in April. They are just postponed—not canceled!

The five directors and the producer (ONE Acts Production Team) met recently—outside, ten feet apart or on speaker phone, and made some critical decisions, as follows: The show will be produced Nov. 13–19, on the stage in the MountainView Country Club Ballroom at SaddleBrooke TWO. Rehearsals begin Sept. 28. Auditions have been rescheduled for Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 14 and 15, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Ballroom West. If you are not available on the stated audition days, arrangements can be made to audition via video conferencing at an earlier, mutually convenient time. Eight fabulous, very different ONE Act plays have been selected. They are serious, funny, insightful, warm, thought provoking, and promise to produce a wonderful evening of live theatre for our audience, along with a delicious three-course meal.

If possible, we would like those who are interested in auditioning to read the scripts before auditions. The scripts will be available Sept. 1 through Community Circle Players. Any and all are welcome to audition. Two of the shows have walk on, non-speaking roles, but those who are interested in participating must audition. In a perfect world, one person would be cast per role and An Evening of ONE Acts would need approximately 21 cast members. However, we may cast multiple people in multiple roles.

Below is a list of the shows and who is directing them.

Oh Those Antiquities – Comedy, takes place in a museum, Carol Merlini, director

Love Sonnet – Drama, serious with some funny lines, David Fuller, director

1-555-Help-Art – Comedy, Socrates attempts to escape his painting, The Death of Socrates, Connie Ward, director

Faro Rides Again – Comedy, with a dog and sound effects, Tim Morsani, director

Intermission – Dramaody, a couple in a theater try to decide whether to leave the play and each other, Susan Sterling, director

Stain – Dramedy, Dave is preparing for a meeting and is up for promotion, but after his wife’s laundry mishap, his future with the club could be in jeopardy, Susan Sterling, director

Conversation 2001 – Comedy, futuristic dating for seniors, Connie Ward, director

I’m Herbert – Comedy, two people reminiscing about past relationships, Tim Morsani, director

For additional information, please contact An Evening of ONE Acts producer, Shawne Cryderman, at [email protected] or 520-818-2690, Susan Sterling at [email protected], or Tim Morsani at [email protected]. On with the show!