Baby It Is Hot Out!

Debbie Witten

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball players agree it is hot but that does not stop them from hitting the courts and playing for hours. The debate continues on what is the best way to keep hydrated. Ask four women and you will get four different opinions.

Nancy Nix likes to drink Liquid I.V. The product is added to her water. It is purchased at Costco and comes in three flavors. It creates the energy needed to get her quickly up to the no-volley line. Sherry Brinster prefers to drink NUUN in her water. It keeps her focused so she remembers that drinking is an important part of the game. Sandi Arditi powers up by flavoring her water with Endurolytes Extreme powder made by Hammer Nutrition. It helps in giving her the power she needs in her serves. Penny Oster uses a two-step approach. She likes to drink Electrolyte Supreme by Jigsaw while on the courts. But Penny drinks the Pickleball Cocktail also by Jigsaw, once she is off the courts. The combination of these two supplements keeps Penny running for each ball hit to her court.