Beautiful sunset delights horseback riders at 4th annual Chuck Wagon Dinner

Riders headed down the trail, left to right: Rebecca Williams, Jeanne Bianchini, Marian Bianchini, Doug Rinke and Lee Rinke.

Riders headed down the trail, left to right: Rebecca Williams, Jeanne Bianchini, Marian Bianchini, Doug Rinke and Lee Rinke.

A group of 28 SaddleBrooke Ranch residents enjoyed some of the best of the Old West at the fourth annual Chuck Wagon Dinner held at the Tanque Verde Ranch on Saturday, November 7. It was a perfect afternoon to enjoy a ride through the foothills of the Rincon Mountains and enjoy a wonderful sunset. A total of 26 riders mounted up and hit the trail to enjoy the area on horseback. Ten of the riders were on a trail ride for the first time in many years. That says a lot about how our residents are enjoying the active lifestyle of our community.

The one-hour horseback ride ventured into the foothills of the scenic Rincon Mountains with scenic views of saguaros as well as rugged paths. The 26 riders were divided into groups of eight to 10 people each traveling a similar, but slightly different trail through the desert, down washes, across streams and up some pretty steep hills to enjoy a panoramic view of the area. The riders were impressed with how sure-footed and steady their horses were traveling over the rugged paths. Toward the end of the horseback ride everyone enjoyed the colorful sunset with saguaros silhouetted against the sky.

As the sun set, all the horseback riders met up with others who came just for the dinner in a well-lighted Cottonwood grove. The group gathered around a wonderful campfire to enjoy the evening. A cash bar helped wash down the trail dust. The group was treated to a wonderful buffet dinner with a selection of salads, entrees, sides, cookies and cherry or blueberry cobbler for dessert.

There was a singing cowboy who sang many familiar country classics during the dinner. Later in the evening several of the group enjoyed line dancing. Everyone enjoyed getting to know others in the group and had fun enjoying a taste of the Old West.

The group is working on a different venue for next year’s chuck wagon, just as a change of pace. The group’s next ride will be the morning of Saturday, December 7, at Old Tucson Studios. After the ride those participating can enjoy the park at a discount. In addition to the many interesting talks on life in the Old West, you can learn about what Christmas was like in Old Tucson of the 1870s. If you would like more information on the SaddleBrooke Ranch Riding Group, contact Don and Rebecca Williams  at [email protected].