Beginners Meditation Class starts March 6th

Join meditation teacher and ordained Kriya Yoga initiate and swami Carol Emerson for a three-week introductory meditation class that will set you up for your own personal practice. You probably have heard about the benefits of meditation (like how it can reduce stress, improve your health, prevent disease and last but not least bring more ease, happiness and joy into your life.) Here is your chance to bring meditation into your life for a very reasonable cost and a small investment of your time.

Many of us are feeling increased stress and anxiety given the conditions of the world today. Add to that changes in our personal health, family issues and just the “joy” of aging and we can find ourselves all tensed up, unable to sleep well and just plain unhappy. The good news is that meditation is a time-tested way to restore our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

In the Learn to Meditate class you will learn the three keys to a sustainable meditation practice: the mental, emotional and physical elements that are necessary to create a meditation habit. You will learn and practice several simple meditation techniques and then craft your own personal meditation routine, one that you will want to return to every day.

You will also learn to deal with the distractions, inner resistance and self-sabotage that can interfere with your ability to fully experience the benefits and blessings of meditation. Meditation is very simple yet very deep, vast and complex. The goal of this class is to simplify things, to give you a foundational practice that will serve you for many years.

Why am I qualified to teach you? Well, I have been meditating for over 30 years and have been over many bumps in the path of meditation. I first learned Taoist meditation techniques in 1978 as part of my martial arts training; then Kriya Yoga meditation in 1998 with my spiritual teacher Eric Klein ( I have studied long and deeply with Eric and have learned much from my own personal meditation practice. I am a fourth generation lineage holder in the tradition of Kriya Yoga that was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. I look forward to sharing the wisdom I was given with you.

The class will meet twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays for three weeks from 2:00-3:30 at the HOA2 clubhouse on March 6, 8, 13, 15, 20 and 22. All classes will be in the Saguaro Room except the last class, which will be in the Cactus Room. The cost is $120. To register call Carol at 825-9206; class size is limited.