Bocce at the Ranch

Award winners: Al Kohl, Linda Zoellner, Sue Monson, and Tim Lawler

Judy Fisher

Bocce has hit SaddleBrooke Ranch by storm! Every day you can find the courts by Ed’s Dogs and the Tennis Courts full of people throwing a little white ball, called the pallino, and red and green balls trying to get closest to it. Encouraging shouts, whistles, and groans can be heard from the players trying to score points for their team against their opponents.

The Social Committee of the Bocce Ball Club had its first function May 22 from 3 to 5 p.m. It was a Bunco Bocce Ball competition, played by combining the elements of Bocce and Bunco. Thirty-two members gathered for this event, designed for players to meet other members during a fun game. We had 16 teams and winners per category of most wins, most losses and most Bunco Bocces.

After the competition, we met with drinks in hand at the Pavilion by the pond to award prizes to the winners. Congratulations to the teams of Shirley Hunter and Tim Lawler for most wins, Linda Zoellner and Al Kohl for most Buncos, and to Sue Monson and Mike Henderson for participating, having fun, and being a good sport with having the lowest score.

Look for future events on the Bocce Ball Club website, New members can sign up on the main page by clicking “Click here to join!” On the very same site, you can read up on game rules, sign up for Bocce Ball training, and reserve a space for social play with other members.

The Social Committee will continue to sponsor Bunco Bocce Ball as well as other events throughout the year. Check the Bocce Ball Club Event Calendar for social events, times, and dates.

Come and join us for a fun time that combines social interaction and friendly game play.