CCP Dinner Theatre Lights! Sound!

Community Circle Players’ excellent dinner theatre productions rely on the skill of lighting and sound experts. These volunteers—Alex Infald, Denis Greenland, and Mark Albrecht—toil closely with the stage manager to enhance the audience’s theatrical and dining experience.

Alex worked backstage in many of the theatres on Broadway before becoming a SaddleBrooke resident and CCP’s technical/lighting director. His experience includes lighting, set construction, sound, and stage management. He found, “It was very interesting and exciting working with many Tony-award winning actors, directors, set designers, and lighting designers.”

Fifteen years ago, Alex and his wife moved from the Bay area of California to SaddleBrooke, and now you will find him at the DesertView Theatre, where he volunteers his time as lighting designer and light board operator. When not at the theater or helping CCP, he builds model ships.

Denis, the sound director for CCP’s An Evening of One Acts, filled the same role for the previous CCP productions Don’t Drink the Water and The Outsider.

His challenge for the current show is to coordinate with all the directors and provide requested sound effects, like squeaky doors and phone tones. With a limited number of microphones, actors must share them, which only allows Denis to be able to check mics once before the start of the show, but he works hard to make sure every audience member can hear every word!

A retired electrical engineer, Denis has lived in SaddleBrooke for 13 years. Currently single, he enjoys dancing, hiking, astronomy, jewelry making, and traveling.

Also working on sound is Mark, a former management consultant and public speaker who auditioned after living in SB for only two weeks. He acted in high school and was a contributing writer for one of those plays.

Mark is looking to expand his creative skills, plus leverage his writing, storytelling, and music composition/performance by also providing sound/music composition for this production. Not only is he a walk-on in several shows, he makes sure audiences hear dog barks, songs on the keyboard, and thunder.

Thank you to each of them for all they do!