Cinco de Mayo Pickleball Festival: Mixed Doubles Winners

Miriam Brock and Nancy Eisenstein


Gold: Dave Frestedt and Mardiece Patrick

Silver: Rob Ortega and Elizabeth Mastro

Bronze: Sam Calbone and Maggie Merrick

2.5 (Pool 1)

Gold: David First and Tess Densmore

Silver: Jim Parkinson and Toni McDole

Bronze: Robert Page and Carol Henry

2.5 (Pool 2)

Gold: Randy Wright and Teresa Burchfield

Silver: Bob Henry and Sandi Arditi

Bronze: John Beals and Penny Oster


Gold: Dave Ambler and Consuelo Melhuish

Silver: Del Andrews and Linda Wright

Bronze: James Taylor and Liza First

3.5 (Pool 1)

Gold: Pat Hawkins and Susan Schuster

Silver: Ron Green and Ginger Buetow

Bronze: Jim Grady and Sally Grasso

3.5 (Pool 2)

Gold: Bob Soucek and Deb Lawson

Silver: Ed Harris and Evelyn Silver

Bronze: Gil Logan and Lupe Cook


Gold: Brad Messner and Teri Baer

Silver: Doug Rinke and Marlene Hardison

Bronze: Dann Denny and Debbie McCauley