Cinco de Mayo Pickleball Festival: Women’s Doubles Winners

Miriam Brock and Nancy Eisenstein


Gold: Vicki Froistad and Maggie Merrick

Silver: Jacqueline Fancher and Mardiece Patrick

Bronze: Randy Brosnahan and Jill Moretto


Gold: Liza First and Nancy Nix

Silver: Tess Densmore and Debora Witten

Bronze: Linda Wright and Julia Price


Gold: Gayle O’Connell and Consuelo Melhuish

Gold: Lori Page and Raynelle Duhl

Silver: Karen Bellinger and Denise Baker

Bronze: Caroline Ann Engraff and Sue Hanson


Gold: Deborah Street and Ginger Buetow

Silver: Deb Lawson and Evelyn Silver

Bronze: Abby Foote and Sheila Davidson


Gold: Teri Baer and Kristi Miller

Silver: Ronda Hayes and Angela Jerman-Hendryx

Bronze: Marlene Hardison and Debbie McCauley