Citizen Awareness Forum

CAF Chair Tom Sorensen with GRFD Staff member Ann, Chief Randy Karrer and Board Member Richard Hudgins; Photo taken by Deena Ream-Robinson

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Citizen Awareness Forum meets on the first Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the LaMesa/LaMontana Rooms in the Hacienda Club. We bring you timely speakers and we discuss subjects of current interest, what affects our property taxes, our personal taxes, participate in the civic processes and become aware of policies of the Nation, Arizona and Pinal County. We welcome all residents to participate.

On Thursday, November 1, 2018, Golder Ranch Fired District Board Member Dick Hudgins and GRFD Chief Karrer spoke to us. Golder Ranch Fire District was established 41 years ago, is the largest fire district in the state with 241 sq. miles due to the recent consolidation and is responsible for 120,000+ residents.

Mr.Hudgins told us that two board members are elected every two years. Some of the responsibilities of the board is to set policies, be fiscally responsible in establishing the budget and bond rates and approve to purchase such things as fire engines, water tenders, brush truck, communications systems, etc. He spoke to a future fire station at SBR or the remodeling of the one we have now.

Chief Karrer said “Community First” is the Golder Ranch Fire District motto. He told us how our fire station, created by a joint effort with our Robson developer and the location of the fire station, resulted in a lower homeowner’s insurance premium due to the better ISO rating the fire district was given. Some of the services GRFD performs in addition to fire-fighting are Emergency Medical Response, snake removal, blood pressure checks, battery changes in fire/smoke alarms (they don’t want us on tall ladders but you must provide the batteries). He suggested installing new batteries in all alarm sensors when the time comes. Also, when someone is discharged from the hospital, there is a community paramedic program that can check that the person understands about medicines and do a Home Safety Check assessing for fall risk. If you don’t have the magnetic “The File of Life,” request one at the fire station and place it with a list of your medicines on the refrigerator in case of an emergency. Remember, call 911 for all emergencies.

Also, Chief Karrer and assistant Ann Marie, told us about the yearly Ambulance Insurance Membership program and the Lock Box programs.

This was a very important forum for all to learn about the services our Golder Ranch Fire District provides for the community of SaddleBrooke Ranch and the surrounding area.