Colorado Club goes Italian for their Casa Cucina


Linda Shannon-Hills

The weather was perfect for our Colorado Casa Cucina Progressive Dinner on Saturday, November 4. So many new residents with Colorado ties joine.eteran Coloradans for this “Italian” theme event. The Colorado Club is over 130 people so it was unknown as planning began on how many people would sign up. In the end the number was 59 people, so finding hosts to bring in up to 20 people to a sit-down dinner was challenging. There was some trepidation starting out, but with the careful planning of several months by organizer Barbara Drury with the hosts and co-hosts the event went off flawlessly and was so much fun.

The plan was to have two homes for appetizers with 30 people hosted in the home of Helga and Alastair Stone with co-host Kerstin Seifert and another 30 hosted in the home of Jean Elaine and Chip Parfet with co-host Lorraine and Bill Smith. Several attendees brought appetizers and attendees brought their drink of choice. It was great fun getting to know our new Colorado neighbors and to reconnect with others we don’t get to see often.

After an hour of socializing and snacking the two groups were split up into three groups for a sit-down dinner hosted in the home of Jan and Niel Christensen with co-hosts Linda and Bill Harvey; the second group was hosted in the home of Ann and Gary Terrell with co-hosts Priscilla and Ernie Wolf; and the third group went to the home of Jeanne and Jim Jensen with co-hosts Vicki and HG Godbey. A leisurely dinner of lasagna with a salad and bread was spectacular with some time to enjoy sipping our wine after dinner.

The last stop was with everyone attending at the home of Barbara and Bob Drury with co-hosts Judith and Tom Simmons serving desserts made by many of the attendees. As we sat back on the patio the full moon rose for a perfect end to a lovely evening. We made new friends, renewed previous friendships and learned a few Italian words like Ciao!

Thanks to all the hosts, co-hosts, attendees and of course, our organizer, Barbara Drury. This was the best ever Colorado Club gathering. We’re looking forward to next year’s progressive dinner.