Colorado Club is entertained by the melodrama Quest of the Cavemen

From left: Joe Houck, Linda Bowman, Jean Elaine Parfet and Chip Parfetundefined

From left: Joe Houck, Linda Bowman, Jean Elaine Parfet and Chip Parfet

From left: Dave Kellogg, Edie Kellogg, Barb Drury and Bob Druryundefined

From left: Dave Kellogg, Edie Kellogg, Barb Drury and Bob Drury

Linda Shannon-Hills

The most recent event for the Colorado Club was attending a performance of Quest of the Cavemen at The Great American Playhouse in Oro Valley on Friday, May 2. The playhouse offers musical comedies with a melodramatic twist that kept the group entertained, booing and hissing the dastardly villains that deserved our scorn while cheering for the heroes and heroines. The more we participated, the more the actors engaged with the audience.

The show started before the curtain went up, giving us our first entertainment of the evening. The piano player not only introduced us to the show, he sets the tone for the evening by encouraging us to become very active with the players and the singing during the show. Words to the songs he is playing are projected onto the screen, preparing the audience for the show they are about to see.

The wait staff was dressed in cavemen costumes as they served the group pizzas, drinks and the never ending bowls of free popcorn. Everyone set the tone for the show.

But after the cavemen achieve their quest, the performers came back out for what is called the Olio following the play with more singing, dancing and comedy.

Some were skeptical of what a local performance might be, but at the end of the night we left with a satisfaction of an entertaining evening and talk of attending future performances.

The Great American Playhouse is located at 13005 N Oracle Road, north of Tangerine Road. More information is available at 520-512-5145 or

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