Come Join the Ukulele Group

Roger leading the ukulele group.

Roger Fisher

The Ukulele Group of SBR began with 23 smiling faces getting the groove of strumming, singing, changing chords, and having fun. Why has Ukulele playing become such a new worldwide phenomena? Learning to play encourages the development of the brain – important in aging, encourages social interaction, and is just plain fun! Almost every community in the U.S. has at least one ukulele group. Because of the ukulele’s size and playability, it is a great instrument for seniors and children. SBR ukulele group hopes to provide a free and welcoming opportunity for anyone to participate in the magic of music. We now have some extra loaner ukuleles that beginners can try! Beginners are always welcome.

The group meets every Wednesday at 4 p.m. in La Mesa Room. For additional information call Roger Fisher, 541-390-4646.