Communication Today

Happy New Year! At Orbitel we would like to thank all of our valued members! Throughout 2016 the Orbitel team has made continuous improvements in performance, quality and products, assuring current customers and future generations always have access to cutting-edge technology made easy by the Orbitel team.

Orbitel has unleashed the internet by introducing new, faster speed options! You now have a choice of 30Mbps, 50Mbps, 75Mbps to a blistering 100Mbps. With Orbitel you get the speed you need to run your life!

Orbitel’s Ultra Wireless Home Network gives you the freedom to roam your home! Our advanced fiber-rich network delivers the speed to connect all of your web enabled devices to the internet at the same time so you can surf faster than ever! Save on your device data plan when surfing at home!

Our recent digital conversion provides 100% digital picture and sound quality to our TV customers so they can enjoy a movie theater experience in their home!

Orbitel has launched a host of new channels! We now have over 400 channels available with over 100 of them in stunning high definition!

We recently launched our Video On Demand service featuring over 15,000 hours of programming! Now entertainment is at your fingertips from Hollywood movies to your favorite TV shows, sports and concerts. Avoid the lines, the crowds, the bad weather; you have a world of choices whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. Many selections are free! Digital customers can tune to channel 1 to get started.

Orbitel2Go is a growing selection of networks and shows from your TV package you can watch anywhere, anytime on any internet connected device like a laptop or smart phone. TV customers can access Orbitel2Go from anywhere in the country with an internet connection.

Here at Orbitel we have much to be thankful for! We are grateful for the opportunity to serve your telecommunications needs. Please give us a call anytime you have a comment, question or to add a service at 800-998-8084.