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Q – I’ve heard that Orbitel offers the fastest Internet in the area. Can you explain everything that is available with Orbitel Internet?

A – It’s hard to imagine life before the Internet. All the devices we rely on: computers, tablets, smart phones, gaming systems and a growing list of gadgets are connected to the Internet.

Internet powered by Orbitel is perfect for streaming music, videos and movies without freezing, lag-free online gaming and uploading pictures in a flash.

With Orbitel you get multiple speed choices so you can select the speed you need to run your life! Download speeds range from 15Mbps, 30Mbps, 50Mbps, 75Mbps to a blistering 100Mbps, the fastest available in the area! Need help in determining which one is right for you? No problem! Our friendly local customer care specialists will assist you in finding the perfect fit.

A piece of equipment called a cable modem is needed to connect your device with the Internet at the speed you choose. You can select a wired or wireless version. Many customers are selecting the wireless version for several compelling reasons.

Orbitel’s Ultra Wireless Home Network gives you the freedom to roam your home! Our advanced fiber-rich network delivers optimal speeds to connect all of your web-enabled devices to the Internet at the same time, so your family can surf together faster than ever before! You can save money on your device data plan when surfing at home! Plus our professional technicians will provide a hassle-free installation of your home WiFi network.

Don’t forget about Orbitel Protection Plan. Orbitel offers this multi-tiered solution to fully protect your computer and the wires in your home, including the following:

SecureIT takes the guess work and risk out of enjoying the Internet by safeguarding your computer. Not only is your computer fully protected from the overabundance of Internet security threats, it is also optimized to provide top-notch performance!

FileHopper Plus provides easy, automatic and secure backup of your important data, the things that really matter to you. Never again worry about accidental deletion of files, hard drive failure or data loss.

Password Genie is a password manager that saves your website usernames and passwords, eliminating the need to write them down or store them in an unsecure document.

Wire Rx is a maintenance plan that covers the troubleshooting and repair of all TV, Internet and phone wires inside your home. Avoid added repair costs on customer-owner wiring!

We believe the more you know about our services, the more you will enjoy them. Orbitel’s professional technical support team is available 24/7 right here in your community. Any time you have a question or need help, all you have to do is call! At Orbitel we make Internet easy!

Many factors affect speed. Actual speed may vary. All devices must be within range of wireless network to operate. Customer is ultimately responsible for maintaining network security.