Community Church empowers men

Connie Saiz

There is a breeze blowing through Community Church at SaddleBrooke we call Empowerment. Men are being empowered by reading the Bible, journaling and sharing their discoveries in small groups throughout the community. Currently 10 groups totaling over 90 men are participating, and there is always room for more.

How does it work? Each person in the group reads the same chapter of the Bible at home and journals using this common method:

S – Scripture: Write out the verse that is meaningful to you.

O – Observation: What is God saying in the verse?

A – Application: How does this truth apply to your life?

P – Prayer: Write out a prayer of commitment to the Lord.

When the members gather for their weekly meeting, each person reads and explains their journal entry and discussion takes place. Each session ends with “take-aways” where men have the opportunity to share what they learned from the Scriptures that day.

The reason Empowerment has become so meaningful is that it provides a place where men can have a spiritual conversation. Since the focus of the gathering is the Bible, the discussions foster insight and direction for faith, daily living and relationships. Most men come fearing the unexpected but leave anxious to join.

New groups are being started, so if you have interest or have questions, please contact Pastor Ron Gannett at 818-1081 or [email protected]. He can help you catch the vision and discover a group perfect for you. You can learn more by joining us for worship on Sundays at the DesertView Theater at 8:30 a.m. After all, who doesn’t need some spiritual empowerment?