Consider Golder Ranch Fire District’s EMS Membership

Linda Shannon-Hills

Golder Ranch Fire District EMS Membership is a way to protect you and your loved ones from the unexpected cost of emergency ambulance transport. The current Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) regulates the cost of an emergency transport in Arizona. So, the ambulance service provided by Golder Ranch Fire District must charge fees to match what has been determined by ADHS. The cost for a transport can go beyond $1,800 for one trip to the emergency center. Many insurance plans don’t cover the entire cost of ambulance transportation. When this occurs (or if you are uninsured) you will be responsible for the remainder of the fees from the ambulance transport. Golder Ranch has implemented an EMS Membership Program that has been approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services that offers you protection from those fees. It will cover you and any other household members for ambulance transportation to the hospital for under $110 per household per year.

This means that the Golder Ranch EMS Membership could more than pay for itself in one trip alone. The plan is available to all residents of the Golder Ranch Fire District, which includes SaddleBrooke Ranch residents. It covers transport to the nearest appropriate hospital, not the hospital of choice. If an ambulance responds but the patient is not transported, there will be no charge.

Remember to always call 911 in an emergency, regardless of your billing concerns. Their priority is your health and safety, not cost recovery. Emergency Medical Services will be provided to all citizens, regardless of their financial circumstances. Each ambulance is equipped with sophisticated lifesaving technology that is critical during an emergency, and every ambulance has a paramedic on duty who is trained in Advanced Life Support.

Registration is easy and can be done in three different ways by: calling the EMS Billing Department to sign up at 520-825-5902, going online at, or filling out the registration form available on the website, at our administration, or at your neighborhood Golder Ranch Fire Station.