Creativity and Talent at the 9th Annual SBR ARTwalk

Linda Shannon-Hills

“Creative” and “talented” are just two words heard often to describe the art exhibited and sold during the 9th Annual SaddleBrooke Ranch ARTwalk, an open-studio tour held on Saturday, Oct. 22 and Sunday, Oct. 23.

The two-day event allowed residents of SaddleBrooke Ranch and two local communities in the area to visit 30 homes with 37 artists and more than 60 artists from eight clubs and groups in the Creative Arts and Technology Center.

Robson has provided our community with great facilities for budding artists to find that hidden talent and expose the creativity some did not know they possessed. Studies have shown there are many benefits of art for seniors to promote happy, successful aging, such as improvement in mental health, an outlet for socializing, helping to improve self-confidence and self-expression, reducing cognitive decline, and giving a person a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Some artists from past years did not participate this year, but new artists to the ARTwalk came out to join our veteran artists. Age did not limit a few artists in their late 80s. One returning artist from past years and an award winner also participated.

The variety of art included: pottery; glassworks; glass and stone; bead jewelry; silver, gold and precious stone jewelry; paper craft cards; basketweaving; paper quilling; linocut art; collage; many different fiber arts like sewing, knitting, crochet, quilting, and felting; painting of various types; gourds; photography; woodworking; and so much more.

Residents could stroll, cart, or drive to the various artists’ studios or spaces and visit the Creative Arts and Technology Center open studios. It was a great time to purchase those special holiday gifts or to fill the open spaces on new residents’ walls.

If residents were not able to attend the SBR ARTwalk, many artists may still have some items to purchase or that you could custom order.

Here is a list of the artists who showed in homes at SBR: Sharron Kozma, Judy Tedeschi, Ginger Buetow, Pam Wample, Larry Binney, Diane McFain, Lydia Reichard, Ron and Sue Monson, Donna Burton, Frenchie Clark, Julie Edmonson, Judy Robbins, Carmen Quintero, Jean Morgan, Janice Mihora, Suzanne Shiff, Beverly Hinton, Kari Erickson, Alex Anna, Susan Swanson, Russ Hardy, Jeff Hansen, Doug Miller, Lionel Crenshaw, Sharon Farber, Sue Hilchey, Susan Hill, Steve and Mary Schneck, Bob Hills, Priscilla Meier, Erin Newman, Cheryl Margolis, Amanda Blood, Ceci Irwin, and John Callahan.

In the studios at the Creative Arts and Technology Center, we had eight clubs or groups participating with more than 60 artists. The Glasshoppers Glass Club, the Mudslingers Pottery Club, Paper Crafters, Basketweavers, We Be Beaders Jewelry, the Lapidary Club, the Woodworkers Club, and the SBR Mending Souls group.

It is not too late to unlock that hidden talent. Join any of the creative arts clubs offered at the Ranch.

We can’t thank enough our two sponsors for this year, which allowed us to expand. Desert Life Pharmacy—Brianne Spaeth and SBRANCH Realty—Douglas Sedam. We greatly appreciate your support.

We also thank our many volunteers.