Creativity – is it mysterious, magical or just misunderstood?

Julie Goodman

The Metaphysical Study Group (MSG) will meet November 8, 2017 in the HOA One Activities Center at 7:00-9:00 p.m. to listen to Michele Benedict. The room is located at 64518 E. Galveston, Tucson. There is no fee. Everyone is welcome. No RSVP is required.

Do we think we are creative? If we compare ourselves to geniuses like Leonardo Da Vince, Einstein or a more current person like Elon Musk, we may not think so. These people’s minds do seem mysterious. They certainly excite wonder, curiosity and bafflement about how they have achieved such amazing accomplishments.

Perhaps some people think creativity requires the use of magical means involving some kind of supernatural powers. But back down to earth our speaker, Michele Benedict, believes everybody is creative to different degrees over different topics and at different levels of creative success depending on their interests, intentions and lifestyles.

She will share her story of almost inexplicable experiences that helped her discover at least two different creative processes that you can try for yourself. Michele will share her series of a dozen paintings that show the stages of the creative process to help you assess your own creative capabilities and accomplishments. The intention is to offer you a clearer understanding of the magnificence and potential of your own creative mind.

Michele Benedict has been focused on artistic and creative endeavors since the mid-1960s. She is an artist, art teacher, selling artist and crafter, as well as an author, speaker and image consultant. Her book, IMAGE – Discover & Develop Your Personal Style, is meant to inspire people to express their authentic, creative selves through their clothing, environment and whatever tangible things they produce.

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