Cyber Security—Protecting Your Personal Information and Home Technology

Kristina Vevia

Linda Shannon-Hills

Did you miss the presentation? You can watch the video at the Technology Club website.

On Feb. 15, the SBR Technology Club sponsored a presentation by Kristina Vevia about protecting your personal information and your home technology. Kristina’s presentation was given at a novice level so that computer users could easily understand. She demonstrated how to make changes for better protection.

Kristina focused on personal information security, specifically on password management with examples to make your online presence have higher security. She did a demo on Facebook privacy settings, with a live demo on Facebook on where to find these settings and what to change for better protection. Also covered during her presentation was how to monitor your personal data and improve home and office cyber security.

All residents can visit the SBR Technology Club website at to view the video of Kristina’s presentation.