Dance Innovation at SaddleBrooke Ranch

Social Ballroom dancers on floor 1 and Line Dancers on floor 2 at the October 21 dance.

Charles Hendryx

Social Ballroom and Line Dance hold several dances each year. How do both groups share the dance evening? Innovation is how. There are two dance floors in the Sol Ballroom. DJs Gus and Gina are provided with a carefully selected playlist of about 30 songs. Each song invites Social Ballroom and Line Dancers to use their dance floor at the same time. This originality maximizes the number of dancers for each song. Thus, one group does not sit while the other dances. So far, this approach has been tested at three dances in September, October, and November. From both groups for each dance, data shows over the 28 to 30 songs that an average of 20-plus dancers are on the dance floors simultaneously. For example, to the song “Lady in Red” sung by Chris de Burgh, Social Ballroom dancers may be doing the “Night Club Two Step” while Line Dancers do the “Let It Bay-Be” line dance.

Check the SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) Social Dance Club website calendar at for Social Ballroom and Line Dance information. You are invited to see innovation at work.