Did You Know? A Hidden Gem

Linda Harvey

There are many “hidden gems” in Arizona that are just waiting for you to discover. One of those gems is the town of Winslow, Ariz. Whether you are a history buff, park enthusiast, or just want to relax, Winslow has something for you.

There are several ways to get to Winslow. You can drive the 242 miles from Oracle. Or you can take the Southwest Chief Amtrak. Or you can fly a private plane into the Winslow-Lindberg Regional Airport, which is a site of the U.S. Forest Service and is used as an air tanker fire-fighting base. Of note, Aviator Charles Lindbergh designed the airport and chose Winslow as one of 12 critical refueling stops on the nation’s first transcontinental passenger line.

Regardless of how you travel, you will probably want to relax once you arrive. A good choice for relaxing is La Posada Hotel, the “crown jewel” of Winslow. Opened in 1932 by the Santa Fe Railroad Company, it is often referred to as the last great trackside hotel in the country.

If you decide to stay overnight in La Posada, you should know that no two rooms are alike. Each of the 50-plus rooms is uniquely decorated, typically with a southwest theme. Some rooms have small balconies or doors to the main patio. Each room in the hotel is named after a famous person, many of whom actually stayed at the hotel, such as Amelia Earhart, Howard Hughes, and Albert Einstein. Outside each room there is a short bio of the person the room is named after. There was a major renovation several years ago, so the rooms are updated. For eating, the Turquoise Room Restaurant in La Posada serves meals all day. A tour of the hotel is available through the Winslow Harvey Girls, a group of volunteers who have an engaging and fascinating story to tell. Information about the tour can be found at the hotel.

Depending on your interest, there are several places to visit in Winslow. A block from La Posada, there is the Standin’ on the Corner Park. This park is based on the song by the Eagles—”Take It Easy” in which Winslow, Arizona, is mentioned. The line goes, “Well I’m standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see.” There really is a corner and it is memorialized with a life-sized bronze statue of a musician, a flatbed Ford, and a mural that depicts the lyrics of the song.

The Old Trails Museum and the Winslow Chamber of Commerce exhibit memorabilia from the town.

For the park enthusiasts:

* The Homolovi Ruins State Park is only 3 miles from Winslow and has ruins of 14th century tribes, now known as the Hopi.

* The Petrified Forest National Park is 58 miles from Winslow and is known for its fossils, especially fallen trees that lived about 225 million years ago.

* The Painted Desert is 61 miles from Winslow and is known for colorful sediments of clay and sandstone, stacked in layers as mounds and hills.

I am glad we took the time to visit the interesting little town of Winslow. I hope you enjoy your next adventure and find a gem!