Did You Know? – Stay Connected Through the HOA Website

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills

Newcomers often ask about the best way to stay connected and informed with the community. Hands down, the best way is through the SaddleBrooke Ranch HOA website at  www.saddlebrookeranchohoa.org. By using their unique HOA member number, homeowners are able to login and have access to the member directory, member charges, HOA dining options, club activities, community map, ALC forms, the Settler’s Guide, and much more.

For anyone who uses the member directory, you may notice that some residents have their picture above their name. While this is an optional feature, using it is a good way for people to recognize you. If you would like your picture to appear in the directory, simply log on to www.saddlebrookehoa.org. Click on Profile, then click Settings, then click Show Picture, finally click Save. If you need additional help, contact Alex at the front desk.