Digital Scanning and Archiving

Linda Shannon-Hills

You have time on your hands, boxes of old photographs of your family to sort; you have so many slides which will be difficult to view in the future as they start to deteriorate, and documents on paper that may not last for long. By digitizing this material and photographs, you can preserve for future generations, you can share with many other family members and friends through the use of social media, digital albums, and a personal website.

The Tech Club has trained many volunteer monitors to assist our club members on how to use the club’s new Digital Scanning & Archiving System. This process can save you many dollars compared to sending to an outside company. Their service costs can run between 25 and 50 cents per image. Using the Technology Club system also can save money as well as enjoying working with these old memories. Once you have been trained, you can schedule times to bring in your slides, negatives, documents, and old photographs to digitize. Make a reservation on the club website at for a time when monitors trained on this service are available.

If you are not a member of the Technology Club of SaddleBrooke Ranch, now is a good time to join. You can come into the technology room where we are limiting the number of people in the room, keeping six feet of distance as well as wearing masks.