Dinner dance to support our troops was a great success

Col. Charlie Carr and head table; photography courtesy of Bill George

Col. Charlie Carr and head table; photography courtesy of Bill George

The SaddleBrooke Troop Support (STS) Dinner Dance was held on November 13 at MountainView’s Ballroom with over 100 people in attendance to enjoy the dinner, entertainment and dancing.

To start the festivities, Joyce Sutay introduced the special guests at the head table: Marine Colonel (ret) Charlie Carr and his wife, two active duty Marines and two additional retired military, all sponsored by Jim Click Automotive Group. She encouraged those attending to become active in the SaddleBrooke Troop Support group and the next major fundraising event, the golf tournament on March 8, 2016.

Dick Police, popular local DJ and musician as well as a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran, provided a variety of music throughout the evening including his playing easy listening and smooth jazz on alto and soprano sax. Many readers know Dick from his performing at the Preserve and Bistro restaurants.

Colonel Carr shared a brief review of his military experiences with the attendees, from the postmen tracking him down to deliver his draft notice, to his enlistment and early assignments as navigator and tours in Asia, Europe and Antarctica. He went on to relate his experience after OCS school flying Intruders during two tours in Vietnam and on the carrier USS Coral Sea. His career progressed to Squadron and then Group Commander with additional combat experience based in Saudi Arabia after Iraq invaded Kuwait.

The organizers also offered a raffle with prizes donated by local restaurants and STS contributors. The real winners of the evening’s festivities, however, are the active duty and retired military and their families who benefit from 100% of the proceeds from this event and other STS activities.

SaddleBrooke Troop Support is a 501(c)(3) organization. To learn about opportunities to participate in STS or how to donate, visit www.saddlebrooke-troop-support.com.