Donations Are Needed for Sr. Jose’s Women’s Center

Leslie Fore

Donations are needed for Sr. Jose’s Women’s Center Virtual Auction to be held on Sunday, May 2. Sr. Jose plans only one auction this year to raise funds to provide assistance to women experiencing homelessness in Tucson. We ask for your help with donations of gifts, services, or activities. To make it a success, your donations are requested with a grateful heart for your generosity.

Do you have a special treasure that no one in your family wants? Maybe an unused timeshare vacation or a round of golf at your club? Or maybe hosting a tea party or a neighborhood gathering for wine and cheese?

If you are feeling creative, put together a basket of goodies, these are always popular items, as are gift cards of all kinds. Maybe you are a knitter, a unique piece of stitchery is always a nice touch.

Please contact Judy Ludwig at [email protected] to make a donation. Arrangements will be made to pick up your donation, as requested.

Mark your calendar: Sr. Jose Virtual Auction is May 2, and look for more information on how you can join the auction from the comfort of your home.