Dr. Watson Helps Putters Fund Two Charities

Dr. Steve Watson, owner of Chiropractic
USA, handing over a $770 check to Linda
Sentivanac, president of the Ranchette
Putters; Photo by Connie Garrison.

Susan Engebretson with Roxy, a
15-month old dog in training for Canine
Companions for Independence; Photo by
Connie Garrison.

Camille Esterman

A generous contribution by Dr. Steve Watson, the owner of Chiropractic USA, enabled the Ranchette Putters to contribute to two charities. Dr. Watson turned over $770 of fees charged for initial consultations from club members to our organization.

At the January meeting, putters voted to distribute the funds to Esparanza Quilters/Casa Alitas project, and Canine Companions for Independence. Samples of the bags made for the Casa Alitas project were available to see, and Susan Engebretson (an SBR resident) introduced 15-month old Roxy, the current dog she has in training.

Board members voted to add $30 to Dr. Watson’s contribution and distribute $400 each to the two charities. The club also voted to have a future charitable collection for the Sister Jose Women’s Center.

The Ranchette Putters thank Dr. Steve Watson for his gold level sponsorship and this generous donation.