Dr. Wilder from the Desert Lab to Speak at Master Gardeners Event

Dr. Ben Wilder

Dr. Ben Wilder

Zann Wilson

Your SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners are pleased to bring Director of the Desert Lab at Tumamoc Hill, Ben Wilder, to our Thursday, Nov. 19, online program at 1 p.m. A unique combination of science and culture, Tumamoc Hill is an 860-acre ecological preserve in the heart of Tucson. Its innovative, sustained, long-term environmental studies and over 2,500 years of cultural history have made it a U.S. National Historical Landmark. The Desert Laboratory was founded to answer the fundamental question, “how does life cope with aridity?” In the twenty-first century, increasing drought and heat in many parts of the globe have transformed this basic scientific question into an urgent challenge facing humanity. Today, the Lab’s legacy collections, data sets, and resources will be incorporated into projects that pivot on a forward-looking version of the original guiding question of the Desert Lab.

Dr. Wilder’s research is broadly focused on desert ecology and biogeography. He utilizes multiple approaches and time scales to establish baselines to better understand modern biodiversity and connect science to conservation.

In addition to directing Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill, Ben is the director and co-founder of the Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers, and Interim Director of the Consortium for Arizona-Mexico Arid Environments (CAZMEX) at the University of Arizona.

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