Famous painting program

Sharon Groth

A volunteer program just completed its first school year bringing a print of a famous painting to grades one through six at the Mountain Vista School in Oracle. This program entails having a volunteer introduce a selected painting once a month from September through April to a specific classroom. Prints are by such artists as Picasso, Van Gogh, Diego Rivera and Georgia O’Keeffe. The time allotted for discussion with the eager children ranges from 20 minutes to about 45 minutes depending on the arrangement between volunteer and his/her chosen teacher. As a trial program in a school where the art curriculum has been dropped, this volunteer program was well received. Both teachers and students want the program to continue.

There is a need, however, for art/kid-loving volunteers to continue the program this coming school year. No art background is needed. If you are interested in participating or in just learning more about the program, please contact Sharon Groth, a Ranch resident, at 520-333-4262.